The Complete Fintech Engine.

Developers and companies use swys to create innovative financial technology applications and products across multiple stacks including blockchain based solutions like bitcoin and ethereum.

A rebirth of simplicity for digital payments and financial products.

Swys’ developer friendly API’s offer solutions in accounting, payments, identity, money transfer, global payouts and much more.

Why swys?

swys helps you close more sales! Need to pay earnings, royalties, commissions? swys enables global payouts, giving you access to new markets and opportunities.

Developer First

We focus on simplicity and ease of use, making it easy for you to get up and running in a couple of minutes. Check out our Docs and API console to learn more.

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Transparency & Security

Role-based access controls and multi-factor authentication is enforced at each layer. Swys enables tomorrow’s payments technology, today.

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Customizable Invoicing

swys enables custom payment workflows for individuals and businesses. Use your branding backed by our borderless payments cloud

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Digital Wallets

Swys puts the power of payments in your hand.

Borderless Payments

Pay anyone, anywhere, anyhow.

Other Use Cases

swys is modular, meaning it can be used in any industry.

Gig Economy

Need to pay one of the ~42 million independents in USA? swys gives you unprecedented settlement capabilities for both domestic and international payouts.


swys offers building blocks that support virtually any type of business model, including on-demand businesses, e-commerce, crowdfunding, travel and events.

Platform Wallet

Taking your business online?Our flexible technology solves the challenge of paying globally dispersed contractors and suppliers regardless of dollar amount.

Commissions & Bonuses

Someone got a rebate from purchasing a membership or a product from you. Use swys pay into their digital wallet, instantly. Build loyalty at scale with swys.

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