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We are empowering brands and banks to accelerate financial innovation and inclusion. With scale and compliance built-in, swys makes modern finance better for people, businesses, and banks.

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User-friendly financial services for everyone

We are uniquely positioned to capitalize on this tremendous opportunity to deliver cutting-edge and culturally competent software to financial institutions and help them achieve modernization, transformation and growth

Growth driver

Our financial services growth factors consist of plug-and-play tooling to scale your financial product to maximum customers. Delivering customer engagement and life-time-value.
  • Forms
  • Account Opening
  • Loan Origination
  • Fit Lit Content

Marketplace Velocity

Take control of your roadmap with our turn-key apps marketplace. Unlock a full range of capabilities to execute your business model - Digital wallets, Insurance apps, Invoicing (AR/AP), Payroll, etc. Easily offer leading financial products.
  • Digital Wallets (ios/andriod)
  • Insurance Apps
  • Invoicing (AR/AP)
  • Payroll

Payment acceleration

Embed Cards, ACH, P2P, POS, QR, Link, FX payment channels into your business. We handle compliance & reconciliation, so you focus on the business
  • Card/ACH/P2P
  • Wires/Remittance
  • API Automation
  • POS/Mobile/QR/Link
  • FX

Platform Experience

Turn-key platform solution that enables you to go to market 6x faster, at less cost to your bottomline.  launch end-to-end solutions using our APIs - Payments, Service accounts, Wallets, UI-as-a-service
  • Payments
  • Wallets
  • Service Accounts
  • UI as a Service


We make the relationship between you and your customers simple. our end-to-end compliance solutions for KYC, AML, & CDD unlocks your business for growth, with one easy API
  • Wires/Remittance

    Streamline your business with our solutions

    Save on development cost. Enable your mobile or desktop app with code efficient components
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